STLTH Loop 2 Vape Review 2024

Looking for a new pod vape? The STLTH Loop 2 might be the perfect fit. STLTH is a long-time favourite here at Cold Turkey, and the Loop 2 is one of the best products it’s ever released. The system boasts a powerful battery, one of the best closed pod systems we’ve ever used, and a ton of excellent flavours. 

Key Points

  • The STLTH Loop 2 is a closed pod vape device.
  • The device features an easy-to-read battery and e-liquid indicators.
  • An 850 mAh battery reduces the need to charge your vape.
  • The device is rechargeable.
  • Each pod offers about 9000 hits.
  • There are over 30 flavours available for the device.
  • The STLTH Loop 2 is sleek, well-designed, and durable.

Design and Build

The STLTH Loop 2 is one of the best-designed pod vapes we’ve ever used; it’s smart, convenient, portable, and powerful. The Loop 2 has the best e-liquid and battery indicator we’ve ever seen on a sleek LED screen!

Thanks to its carefully thought-out design, the STLTH Loop 2 is also incredibly durable; both the pods and the battery are solidly built, and it’s easy to change flavours on the fly. We love the sleek design and the simple black or grey colour scheme; each flavour has a coloured font to make it easy to tell what you’re puffing at a glance. 

The STLTH Loop 2 features a durable mesh coil for even, smooth hits. 


Performance is where the Loop 2 really shines. The device comes with an 850 mAh battery—which leads to amazing battery power and pretty sensational battery life. You can hit the Loop 2 all day without fully draining the battery. The device is rechargeable, as with any pod system; STLTH has included a quick charge system that will have the battery full in no time flat.

This is a powerful device that, thanks to its easy-to-change cartridges and bright LED displays, offers a simple and straightforward vaping experience. The Loop 2 provides more information than most vaping products, whether they’re disposable vapes or pod vapes—we really love it! 

Each pod comes with 17 mL of e-liquid; that means about 9000 puffs from each pod! 


The Loop 2’s predecessor, the Loop, has been on the market for some time, and all Loop flavours are Loop 2 compatible. That means there are a variety of flavour options available for the Loop 2 already—more than 30! Every flavour in the line is delicious—you’ll get smooth, strong hits out of every pod. Here are 5 of our favourites:

  • Ice Mint: A cool and refreshing blend of mint and ice
  • Juicy Peach Ice: Delicious, juicy peach mixed with a hint of ice
  • Cherry Grape Ice: The fruity sweetness of cherries and grapes with cool mint
  • Tropical Storm Ice: A bold flavour filled with pineapple, passionfruit, guava, and more—with a refreshing ice finish
  • Blue Razz: A fusion of blueberries and raspberries—sweet and tart! 

How Much Does the STLTH Loop 2 Cost?

The STLTH Loop 2 is very affordable—at our vape store, we offer the device for the low cost of $11.99 at the time we’re writing this review. The e-liquids for the STLTH Loop 2 are also incredibly affordable; a pod with 17 mL of e-liquid costs $19.99, and we frequently offer them on sale.

Where To Order Your STLTH Loop 2

Our final thoughts on the STLTH Loop 2 are simple: We love the device and we think you will, too. With so many flavours of e-liquid available, incredible LED displays that tell you exactly how much e-liquid is left, and an incredible battery, this device is a game changer.

You can order the STLTH Loop 2 from our vape shop online or you can visit one of our many locations in Winnipeg. Try the STLTH Loop 2 today! 

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