Asmodus - Amighty (Mod only)

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Imagine a single battery mod that can last longer while handling low ohm builds with ease. We don't have to dream anymore because asMODus has created a single battery box mod that packs a punch with its 100w, the Amighty! Whether you dont want to buy new batteries or you want something different, the asmodus Amighty utilized 3 types of batteries: 18650, 21700, and 20700. The asmodus Amighty box mod has many staple functions such as temperature control, TFR, TCR, and asMODus Curve mode. Many companies claim to have an ergonomic mod made to fit in any hand, but we have tested the Amighty 100w box mod with many people and we can truly say that this mod will fit the user hand perfectly. The enlarged diameter of the mod allows a wide spectrum of attys and tanks to sit on the mod perfectly. The Amighty 100w Touch Screen Mod can handle a wide variety of builds effortlessly, and if the user is a MTL vaper then that's more battery life to spare. The body and the battery door have spacers installed to ensure that the battery door wont go flying off when dropped. The design of the mod itself is aggressive with the battery door being wrapped with a sheet of carbon fiber with a big asMODus logo in the center of the door and on the sides of the door, we also embedded ASMODUS on door.

The Amighty vaping device uses our new GX-100UTC chip with a UI (User interface) that is easy to navigate through with our Swipe left of right to change firing modes. The user can really personalize their mod with our wide variety of color options, setting a puff limit, stealth mode, screen brightness, and how to unlock the Amighty power options. The text color selections are blue, green, purple, red, orange or simply white. To access these personalization options, simply click the fire button 5x in quick succession and you'll see the power off function; from there you swipe left or right for the options. There are two different ways to unlock your device, either the classic Swipe Down to unlock or tap the screen 3x in quick succession to unlock. The way you unlock your mod setting is on the menu screen with the lock symbol. The chipset includes the option to change the firing output option as its a staple in the mod game now; that being Soft, Normal, and Hard firing mode. To change the output of the power mode the user simply unlocks the device by swiping or tapping 3x, once unlocked you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go from soft>normal>hard or you can swipe down from the top of the screen to go from hard>normal>soft.

We enjoy the mod with its customization options to truly personalize the Amighty to our liking and the longevity of the battery life the device has, and we hope you enjoy the mod as much as we do.

Product Specifications:

  • Powered By GX-100UTC
  • Supports 3 types of batteries (Not included) : 1x 18650 or 1x 20700 or 1x 21700
  • Output Power Range: (Power Mode) 5.0w - 100.0w
  • Output Power Range: (Temperature Control) 5.0w - 60.0w
  • Resistance Range: 0.1 - 3.0
  • Temperature Control Range: 212°F - 572°F / 100 - 300
  • Supports TFC, TCR, and Curve Mode
  • Supports Puff Clear and Limit Functionality
  • Upgradeable firmware support
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 7.5 Volts
  • Maximum Output Current: 35.0 AMPS
  • Charging Parameter: DC 5V/1A
  • Display operating current 25mA
  • Standby operating current < 350uA
  • Standby time: 3s ~ 60s
  • Firing cut Off time: 10s


  • Work Efficiency: 94%