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Dimebags - 18" Conversion Padded Tube Bag

Dimebags - 18" Conversion Padded Tube Bag

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Let’s drop some knowledge: COMPLETE PADDED INSERT! The safety net of padding in the Conversion Tube will hug your piece with the perfect amount of safety and comfort. For those wanting extra space for “actual” hiking gear or camera accessories, don’t let this pillow of padding deter you. With one quick un-zip, you can remove the entire insert leaving P L E N T Y of room for a tripod, blanket, yoga mat, or a few bottles of wine. Along with two micro-mesh elastic pouches for easy access and another external top-lid zippered pocket, there’s a place for everything you need to carry and almost too many separate compartments to do so. The Dime Bags Conversion Tube comes in two sizes: 18 inch or 23 inch. The 23-inch model can extend up to 25 inches with an adjustable buckle strap.


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