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Ooze - Hot Knife

Ooze - Hot Knife

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It's easy to waste precious concentrates during the dabbing process because they are notoriously difficult to handle. The Ooze Hot Knife was designed to take the headache out of what should be a simple ordeal: get the wax into the banger or coil. Instead of fighting with sticky substances stuck on a metal dab tool, this dab tool heats up so the extract drips right off wherever it's aimed. Dab every last drop with the Hot Knife's medical-grade, easy to clean ceramic tip. We recommend wiping the tip down with an Iso Wipe after each use to keep it fresh for the next dab. This accessory was designed to go anywhere. Instead of creating an entire new tool, this screws right onto the top of any pen-style 510 thread battery. One battery can be used with the Hot Knife AND to dab! Just use the Hot Knife to load the dab into a 510 thread coil attachment, unscrew the Hot Knife tip from the battery, and replace it with the wax atomizer. This makes dabbing accessible at home, on the go, during festival season, on camping trips, and beyond! ELECTRIC DABBER | The Ooze Hot Knife is an electric dab tool that simplifies the dabbing process. Handling concentrates can be tricky, but the hot knife prevents the sticky substance from being wasted before it makes it to the banger. 510 THREAD | The Hot Knife is compatible with any pen-style 510 thread vape pen battery with a button. We recommend the Ooze Slim Twist. Screw the attachment on the battery like a cartridge and press the button to heat up the tip. CERAMIC TIP | The Hot Knife has a ceramic tip that heats and makes concentrates much easier to handle. The ceramic is medical grade and is super smooth so the extracts slide right off with minimal residue. TRAVEL CAP | The Hot Knife includes a travel cap so it can be stored away while not in use without accidentally burning anything or getting stuck to anything. This is a very small accessory that takes up barely any storage space. Dab anywhere with this super portable electric dab tool!


Salt Nicotine VS. Freebase E-Liquid

Freebase Nicotine, the purest form of nicotine, is known for its potency and rapid absorption. It delivers a strong throat hit and is preferred in lower-powered vaping devices. Ideal for users seeking a traditional vaping experience, freebase nicotine caters to those who prefer a gradual nicotine release.

Salt Nicotine, a smoother and more stable form found in tobacco leaves, enables higher nicotine concentrations without harshness. It's rapidly absorbed, offering a quick, intense hit, and is often used in low-wattage devices like pod systems. Salt nicotine is suitable for smokers transitioning to vaping, providing a sensation akin to smoking cigarettes.