STLTH x MOFO - Voltage

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Looking for a STLTH pod that’s bursting with flavour? MOFO Voltage STLTH Pods offer an energizing blend of blue raspberry, citrus and ginseng. This juice tastes almost exactly like Mountain Dew Voltage—it’s unique, bold, and delicious! Comes in a pack of 3 x 2 ml STLTH pods.

MOFO uses a salt nic formulation for its Voltage STLTH pods, allowing for a smoother hit even at higher concentrations of nicotine. These pods contain 20 mg of nicotine per ml. They’re a great choice for anyone looking for a fruity, citrusy, and bold flavour. 


  • Flavour profile: A bold and juicy combination of blue raspberry, citrus, and ginseng. Tastes like Mountain Dew Voltage.
  • Each pack contains 3 pods of 2 ml.
  • Each pod has 20 mg/ml nicotine.
  • The juice contains nicotine salts—not freebase.
  • Pods are compatible with STLTH vape devices—one of the most popular vapes in Canada!