Cloud Chasing: The Art Of Creating Impressive Vapour Clouds

There are several reasons to vape. Some people start because they’re trying to kick cigarettes. Other people love vaping because they love all the different flavours. Some are tinkerers, trying to create the next great mod or e-juice.

Then there are the cloud-chasers—those noble vapers who just want to blow massive clouds. Some of them do tricks. Most just want to create the biggest clouds. 

In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about cloud-chasing, from what it is to how it’s done. There’s a lot to cover—so let’s get started!

What Is Cloud-Chasing?

The sport and art of cloud-chasing is all about trying to create the most enormous clouds possible when vaping. Cloud-chasers create huge clouds, competing with each other in cloud-chasing competitions. The sport is relatively young, having started around 2012 on the West Coast of the United States.

Competitions are judged by a number of factors—the most important are who can create the biggest and densest clouds, though some competitions factor in creativity (tricks) and audience reaction. 

What Equipment Do You Need for Cloud-Chasing?

People who are really into vaping (and cloud-chasing) tend to be almost religious tinkerers—a whole set of equipment has been devised just for cloud-chasing. Here are a few of the things you’ll want to look into maximize cloud production:

  • High-Drain 18650 Batteries: These batteries will drain much more quickly than some other vape batteries, but they handle the wattage needed for sub-ohm vaping beautifully—without the risk of overheating.
  • A Sub-Ohm Coil: The namesake of sub-Ohm vaping, these coils (usually rated at about 0.5 Ohm). The low resistance on these coils allows for higher wattage, which in turn allows you to vaporize more e-juice in one go, allowing you to create bigger clouds.
  • A Powerful Mod: Less resistance means you can blow impressive clouds—but only if you have enough power. You’ll want a box mod that offers plenty of power!

  • Adjustable Airflow: Most box mods will be built with adjustable airflow—you’ll want to max your airflow out. Of course, you won’t always be cloud-chasing, so adjustability is key.
  • This is just some of the vape equipment that will help you blow bigger clouds—as you get into the hobby, you’ll find more niche equipment to improve cloud production. The complexities of building your own mod are why cloud-chasing is for advanced vapers only—unless you buy a pre-assembled mod, there’s a risk of damaging your equipment (or hurting yourself) when assembling these high-powered vape mods.

    What Juice Do You Need for Cloud-Chasing?

    Looking to create clouds that will win a cloud-chasing competition? You don’t just need the perfect vape mod—you need the perfect vape juice. Here’s what to look for:

  • High vegetable glycerin, low propylene glycol: Most cloud chasers opt for 80% VG/20% PG or even 90% VG/10% PG. Some manufacturers are even making 100% VG. VG is sweeter, thicker, and leads to much denser clouds.
  • Low to no nicotine: You’re going to be inhaling a lot of vapour when you’re cloud-chasing—the nicotine level you choose is going to have a huge impact. Too much nicotine, and you’ll find yourself with an unmanageable headrush—or even nicotine poisoning. Most competitive chasers use no nicotine at all in competitions.
  • A flavour you enjoy: You’ll be drawing in a lot of vapour when you’re trying to make enormous clouds—whether you’re in cloud competitions or just showing off to your friends. An overly sweet, bitter, or tart juice can disrupt your flow—opt for something subtle or even a flavourless juice.

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