About Us

Photographed at Cold Turkey Vape Shop (Garden City Location)

Yes, YOU, the person who’s reading this right now! At Cold Turkey we have something for everyone. You might be new to vaping, interested in learning how it can help you quit smoking or just curious about this exciting new product. You might be quite experienced, and looking for mech mods and exotic new juices. No matter what level of knowledge or experience you have in the world of vaping, we are here to cater to you.

A mission statement is just words unless you put your money where your mouth is; we understand that, so we’ve created a space that will suit your vaping needs, no matter who you are. Looking for new and interesting juice? We have Winnipeg’s largest e-juice selection. Experienced vaper wanting to tinker with new tech? We’ve got the parts for your mod projects, and the expertise to help you execute your plan. New to vaping, and not sure where to start? We’ll answer your health and safety questions, discuss what products might best suit your needs, and help you find a starter kit that’s right for you.


Here at Cold Turkey, We are constantly resupplying our seven locations with the next location coming soon, with newest products available on the market. You can come into one of our shops every week, and you’ll always find something new and exciting!