How To Change E-Liquid Flavours

vape flavours laid out on a tableA very exciting aspect of vaping is the wide selection of e-liquid flavours that you can choose from. Why limit yourself to only one flavour when you can try all of your favourites? Changing up your e-liquids can be fun, but there is a factor that you should consider when doing so. When you switch out a juice for another in the same tank, a bad aftertaste can occur. This can affect the taste of the juice, as well as your vaping experience. Knowing how to properly change e-liquid flavours is an easy process, and below, we’ll break down what and what not to do:

Maintenance Before Switching 

Keeping up with the maintenance of your vape is important in ensuring that it won’t be compromised during the vaping process. Try to make a habit of cleaning it to the best of your ability. Doing so will prevent any issues.

Rinse the Tank 

In order to rinse the tank, unscrew it from the battery, atomizer, or coil head. Remove any residue or gunk buildup within the tank by rinsing it thoroughly with warm water. You can add soap, but make sure your user manual says it is okay, as you don’t want to ruin your tank. Once you’re finished rinsing, use a soft cloth or paper towel to dab the tank. You can also let it dry overnight if you don’t need to use it right away. 

Coil and Wick Cleaning 

If you’re vaping consistently, washing the coil is important in getting any residual traces of flavour from prior e-liquids, as this is where the juice gets burnt. Make sure you don’t overuse the same coil all the time. It’s recommended that you replace your coil once every 1 – 2 weeks if you use it daily. This part of the maintenance process is easy, as coils are quite inexpensive and easy to swap out. 

After the coil change, make sure you prime it before you try the new flavour. Give the cotton wick enough time to soak in the juice. Doing so will prolong the life of your coil, as well as avoid any burnt vape hits. 

Take Care of Your Kit

While you have your tank cleaned, as well as the coil and wick, take care of the rest of your kit, too. Spend some time cleaning any residue from the drip tip, as you want to ensure that your next vape hit will be well produced. 

Extra Tanks

It doesn’t hurt to have extra tanks at the ready; this way, you don’t always have to stick to one flavour - you can always have a different e-liquid waiting for you. As we mentioned, tanks are inexpensive. It’s great to have a few extra ones primed with different flavours; it will make changing between juices a lot easier. 

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