How To Properly Dispose Of GHOST Disposables Vapes

Have you ever used flushable wipes? You might be surprised to learn that you actually shouldn’t be flushing them - they clog up the sewer system. Instead, you’re supposed to throw them out - not so flushable, after all!

GHOST Disposable Vapes have skyrocketed in popularity in recent months. It’s easy to see why - they’re inexpensive, user-friendly, and come in a wide variety of different flavours. Look on most sites, and they’ll tell you “simply dispose of the vape when you’re done”! No refills, no coil swaps, no mess - no problem!

What does any of this have to do with flushable wipes, you might ask?

Well, GHOST vapes are “disposable” in much the same way that flushable wipes are flushable. In other words, while you can just throw away your GHOST vape, just like you can flush flushable wipes, you really shouldn’t.

So how are you supposed to dispose of your disposable GHOST vape? We’re going to teach you - the instructions for people in Winnipeg are actually incredibly clear. First, though, let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t just throw your GHOST vape away.

Why you shouldn’t throw your disposable vape away

The idea here is simple - we don’t want hazardous or toxic chemicals seeping into our water supply. When batteries, like the ones you find in GHOST vapes, are thrown into the landfill, the chemicals that make those batteries tick will eventually seep into the ground. From there, they’ll reach the groundwater, which they slowly pollute.

Of course, battery acid isn’t the only toxic chemical in GHOST vapes - there’s plastic, and, of course, nicotine (though by the time you’re done with it, probably only a very small amount). All of these things can contribute to pollution.

Batteries can also create all kinds of other problems - they can overheat, causing fires or even explosions. Even your AAs aren’t safe to dispose of in the trash. 

Fortunately, if you use proper disposal methods, you can very effectively reduce the harm that these disposable vapes can do to the environment. Let’s take a look at the ways you can safely dispose of your GHOST vape. 

How to get rid of your used GHOST vape safely

The City of Winnipeg has a number of 4R Depots at which you can safely dispose of batteries. They’ve been a bit slow to update the accepted items list, so you won’t find vapes on there. You will, however, find single-use batteries - that’s what powers GHOST vapes, so the Depot should accept them.

Now, there are only a few 4R Depots throughout the City, and they’re not the most accessible places on the planet. That’s why it’s a good idea for people who go through a lot of GHOST vapes to simply store all of their used vapes in one place until it’s worth visiting a depot - either because you have other things to recycle, or because you have a large number of used vapes.

Some of you may (quite understandably) not want to drive all the way out to the Brady landfill to recycle your vapes. In fact, many of you may not live in the city - we do a lot of out-of-city delivery.

That’s why we’ve established our own little recycling depot - exclusively for vapes and vaping accessories (we’re like the Hank Hill of vaping). Whenever you stop in to buy a new GHOST vape or any of our other products, simply bring in your used GHOST vape and we’ll dispose of it for you. Don’t worry - we have a lot of safety protocols in place to keep you and our staff safe.

While you can’t dispose of GHOST vapes in the garbage, we’ve made it as easy as possible to dispose of them at our Winnipeg vape shop in a safe, environmentally friendly way. They’ll be reused to make a variety of other products, so you can enjoy your GHOST vape and help the environment!
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