Nicotine Prohibition

Effective July 23rd, 2021 Health Canada will be imposing restrictions prohibiting the sale of vaping products above 20mg. 

Cold Turkey is committed to providing all available products in higher nicotine concentrations up until the deadline. If you use higher nic formulations and are new to vaping or transitioning from cigarettes we recommend stocking up.

To ensure you are prepared for these new restrictions, we are accepting special orders up until July 2nd. Please contact us via email or at 204 691 0312 for more details or to place an order.

If you are a seasoned vaper, done with cigarettes and concerned about the ability to transition to a lower strength, we have solutions, ask any staff member.

Should you feel strongly about the unjustified prohibition, we encourage you to contact your local member of parliament.

They're are also coming after flavours. We encourage all vapers to sign the petition here

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