Signals To Know When Your Vape Is Empty

We all want our vapes to last for as long as possible—but all good things must come to an end, especially when you’re using disposable vapes.

For non-disposable vapes, checking to see if your vape is empty is pretty easy—you open up the tank or pod and see how much juice is left in there, and if there isn’t enough, you simply just refill it.

Disposables, on the other hand, are usually constructed in a way that makes looking into the tank next to impossible. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the signs that your disposable vape may be empty.

Your Disposable Vape Isn’t Producing Any Vapour

The most obvious sign that your vape pen is empty is that, when you go to take a hit, there’s very little vapour to no vapour that comes out. Obviously, empty vape pens can’t produce vapour, so if your vape is hot but no vapour is coming out, you’ll need to get a new disposable vape (or refill your refillable vape).

You might get a little vapour from your vape pen, but if there’s no flavour at all to it, that means there’s no juice. Generally, if you can produce vapour, but there’s no flavour, it means you’re starting to burn your coil or cotton wick—and you do not want to inhale those vapours. 

The Vapour Tastes Burned, Charred, Unpleasant, or Off

This is basically the same problem that we mentioned above, but worse. The little vape juice left in your vape is overheating, or the coil and wick are burning—that’s going to leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth, and it’s a good sign that your vape is out of juice (though it could, rarely, also be a problem with the coil or wick).

Another indicator that you’re running low on juice is when a complex flavour has become simplified—like if you’re only tasting the menthol from your tropical ice e-juice. This means most of the juice is gone, and there’s just a hint left on the coil; it’s time to get a new disposable. 

There’s a Flashing Indicator Light

Sometimes, vape manufacturers make life easy. They’ll put an indicator light to tell you when you’re running low on juice; if you’ve got one and it’s flashing, it means your time with your disposable vape is up. 

The Device Is Noticeably Lighter

This isn’t the most solid indicator because your device will become lighter as the juice becomes vapourized. A new device will, however, weigh considerably more than an old device, and if you’re very low on liquid, you may be able to tell just by holding your old vape in one hand and your new vape in another. 

There’s a Gurgling Sound

You know that sound you make when you’re sucking the last bit of liquid from a cup through a straw? That’s close to the sound you might hear when your vape is running out of juice; gurgling is a good signal that you’re running out of e-liquid. 

The Difference Between a Lack of Vape Juice and an Empty Battery

When your battery is dead, your vape won’t create any vapour (and, depending on your device, you might briefly see a flashing indicator light). Here’s how to tell if you need to recharge your vape: Is your device getting warm? A warm device means a working battery; if your device is totally cold, it means your battery needs to be recharged.

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