STLTH User Manual - The 8K Pro

The STLTH 8K Pro is one of our most popular vaping devices—it’s one of the best disposables on the market, and each device comes with about 8000 puffs worth of e-liquid. 

Product Information

Each STLTH 8K Pro device comes with:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Main Body
  • LED Screen
  • Battery Indicator
  • E-liquid Indicator
  • Type C Charging Port
  • Airflow Adjuster

When you purchase your STLTH 8K Pro, check the packaging to ensure that all of the above are functional. To use the device upon purchase, simply:

  • Remove the mouthpiece cover.
  • Remove stickers blocking airflow.
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece. Vapour will be produced, and the screen will display both battery levels (the battery indicator) and e-liquid levels (the e-liquid indicator).


  • STLTH 8K Pro

The STLTH 8K Pro does not come with a charger—you’ll need to purchase a USB-C-type charger separately. Fortunately, most people already own a USB-C-type charger. 


  • 45.8 x 84 x 26.2 mm


  • Approximately 8000 puffs per device
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Excellent assortment of flavours (Over 33 flavours to choose from)
  • Durable and comfortable silicone build
  • Bright, easy-to-read LED screen
  • Simple draw-to-activate system
  • Security features, including:
    • 7-second puff time-out
    • Short circuit protection
    • Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • Excellent battery life, with an 800 mAh capacity battery

How To Use STLTH

The STLTH 8K is incredibly easy to use; the device should be fully charged at the point of purchase. In order to use it, simply:

  • Remove the silicone mouthpiece cover and stickers blocking the airflow.
  • Draw from the mouthpiece. The STLTH 8K will begin producing vapour immediately, and the LED screen will turn on, with both a battery indicator light and an e-liquid indicator light.

Using your STLTH device is as simple as that; no refills are required. In many cases, you may not even need to charge your STLTH device, though that depends, in part, on how frequently you use it.

Remember to follow the following vaping tips to make your experience with your new STLTH device as pleasant as possible:

  • Take short breaks between each puff
  • Always hold your vape in the upright position—never vape with the device upside down
  • Wipe off any condensation that forms on the mouthpiece during use

Your STLTH device comes with adjustable airflow; out of the packaging, the device is set to maximum airflow. There is a slider on the device that allows you to adjust airflow; adjust it until you get a hit that you’re comfortable with. 


When the battery indicator light displays STLTH Charging, the device needs to be recharged. The STLTH 8K does not come with a USB-C charger, so you’ll need to purchase your own. USB-C is the industry standard for many devices, such as Android phones, so it’s likely you’ll already have the appropriate charger. 

While charging, the LED screen will be on, and the current device battery level will be displayed. When your STLTH device is fully charged, the LED screen will turn off. You can then unplug it and use it again. 

STLTH During Use

During use, the LED screen will display the battery level and e-liquid levels. The e-liquid indicator will change colour based on the amount of e-liquid in the device:

  • 25-100%: The indicator will be solid green.
  • 5-25%: The indicator will be solid orange.
  • 0-5%: The indicator will be solid red.
  • 0%: The device will flash red and need to be disposed of.

  • When the device is solid red, there’s not much e-liquid left; this could result in dry or burnt-tasting hits. As such, you may want to dispose of the device as soon as the indicator reaches solid red. 

    Import Information

    • Never use the device to vape while it’s charging.
    • Don’t leave your device unattended when it’s charging.
    • Always charge your device indoors.
    • Charge the device using a safety extra-low voltage (SELV) circuit at 5V DC, 800 mA.

    Replacing Your Device

    The STLTH 8K cannot be refilled; it must be replaced. Safely dispose of your STLTH 8K, then purchase a new one. 

    Safety Features

    Your STLTH device comes with many safety features, including:

    • 7-second puff time-out: The LED screen will display STLTH Puffing Timeout and the device will turn off if inhaled continuously for more than 7 seconds.
    • Short circuit protection: The device will display STLTH Short Circuit Protection and automatically shutdown if short-circuited.
    • Overcurrent and overvoltage protection is provided.


    Do not store the device:

    • In places with high temperatures (like inside a car during summer) or near heat sources such as radiators
    • Near ignition sources or open flames
    • Near metallic devices (keys, coins, etc.)


    As a battery-powered electronic device, your STLTH 8K should not be disposed of with your regular household waste disposal service. Instead, bring it to an applicable recycling point—here in Winnipeg, a 4R Depot would be appropriate. 

    STLTH also has an extensive vape recycling program - you can recycle your STLTH device at some Cold Turkey locations, as well as at various Shell, Petro Canada, and Circle K locations throughout Winnipeg - and at many other stores. Recycling your vape is important; batteries can catch fire and leech hazardous chemicals when disposed of in the trash. 

    You should empty your vape of all e-liquid and deplete the battery before recycling your vape. Don’t worry about disassembling the vape - STLTH’s recycling partners will handle that for you. 


    There is a more extensive troubleshooting section in the FAQ at the end of this manual. When there’s a defect, you can contact STLTH at:



    Below are some of the signs of a defective device:

    • The LED screen displays STLTH Puff Timeout  while puffing, but it hasn’t been more than 7 seconds.
    • The LED screen turns on while puffing, but no vapour is produced.
    • The LED screen does not turn on while puffing.
    • Don’t use it if there is any abnormality in the appearance or function of the device, such as physical damage, deformation, battery bloating, or leakage.

    Warranty Info

    STLTH devices come with a limited 1-year warranty; click the link provided for more information. 


    How Many Puffs Are in a STLTH 8K Device?

    The STLTH 8K disposable holds 14 mL of e-liquid; this means most users will get around 8000 puffs from each device. 

    How Long Do STLTH Devices Last?

    Your STLTH 8K device will last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks; it depends on the frequency of use, the size of your puffs, and other factors. 

    Why Won't My STLTH Charge?

    Your STLTH may not be charging because it’s plugged into an incompatible power source. Try plugging the charger into a different power source—your computer’s USB port or another charger. You can also try switching your charging cable. Finally, try using a dry cotton swab to brush debris or residue off the charge contacts of your STLTH device and charger. 

    Your LED screen will display battery levels while charging; when it’s fully charged, the LED screen will turn off. 

    Why Is My STLTH Blinking When Charging?

    Your STLTH 8K device should only blink when it’s out of e-liquid; when it does, the LED screen on the device will blink red. This should typically not occur when the device is charging. 

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