The Most Popular Types Of Vape Devices In 2023

The Most Popular Types Of Vape Devices In 2023The popularity of vapes has skyrocketed over the last few years. Disposable vapes are, perhaps, the most popular kind, but there are several other types of vapes available.

Today, we’re going to focus on four different types of vapes:

  • Box mods (Mod and Tank)
  • Refillable Pod Systems
  • Closed Pod Systems
  • Disposables

Here at Cold Turkey Vape Shop, our goal is to keep you informed—we’ve found that these four different types of vape satisfy the needs of most of our customers. We’ll cover what each vape device is, who we think it’s built for, and some of our favourite brands in each category.

Let’s get started! 

Box Mods (Mod and Tank)

Box mod vapes, also known as mod and tank vapes, were the most popular type of vape before the vaping boom in the mid-2010s.

These vapes are modular—you can swap various parts, including the battery, coil, airflow ring, coil, mouthpiece, and more. This customizability is what made box mods so popular back in the halcyon days of vaping and the reason why so many enthusiasts continue to use box mods to this day.

We’ve got a number of different mods and tanks available. Many of our customers love the L200 Geekvape mod; we’d recommend pairing it with its Cerberus Tank.

Mod and tank configurations aren’t for the faint of heart—it might take some tinkering to find the perfect configuration for your needs. We can help, though—come into the shop, tell us about how you like to vape (whether you like big clouds, harsh throat hits, and other details), and we’ll help you find the perfect configuration.

Remember—box mod vapes are not small, so these really aren’t the best tool for stealth vaping!


Refillable Pod Systems

Refillable pod systems are the middle ground between traditional vapes and newer, disposable, or closed pod-style vapes. 

These vapes tend to be small and beginner-friendly; we have starter kits available for a number of different refillable pod systems, including two of our favourites, the XROS 2 and the Caliburn series

So what makes refillable pods so special? It’s simple—they have a built-in pod, so you don’t need to fool around with coils and tanks, but the pod is refillable, so you can use a ton of different flavours with your vape. Most refillable pods allow you to use either nic salt or regular freebase; the options are almost endless.

We recommend these vapes to people who want to try a number of different flavours, but are looking to limit their environmental impact. Using refillable pods is a bit more labour intensive (you have to clean and maintain them), but for many vapers, it’s worth the extra effort. 

Closed Pod Systems

These vapes are a lot like refillable pod systems, except that the pods are disposable—instead of refilling them, you throw them out and buy new pods.

Closed pods are very popular—they’re easy to use, you get access to a nice variety of flavours, and you can keep using the same vape for years. There’s also less maintenance required than refillable pods.

Our most popular closed pod vape is, by far, the STLTH vape. It’s a Canadian company that makes a sleek little vape, and a huge selection of flavours to go along with it. Its pods and vapes are easy to use—but it’s the variety of pods available that really sell us on STLTH. 


Disposable vapes are wildly popular. They’re the absolute easiest vapes to use—you buy them, you use them until they’re out of liquid, then you recycle them or throw them out. They’re perfect for when you’re travelling, when you forgot your vape at home, or even for anywho who just doesn’t want to bother with vape maintenance.

We have a massive selection of disposables available, from Mr.Fogs, Vice, and more. We think these are an excellent product for anyone who is new to vaping, including people who are trying to quit smoking. 

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