Tips For Travelling With Your Vape

This article is being written near the end of 2020 - a year in which travel hasn’t been on the top of any lists. Looking to the future with optimism is important, and in light of that, this article has been written to help you when the time to travel finally comes around again. These tips will keep both you and your vape safe - let’s get started.

Know the Local Laws

Vaping is relatively new, and laws against vaping vary wildly from country to country. In some instances, laws surrounding vaping can differ from region to region. For these reasons, it’s important to do your research before travelling with your vape.

For the most part, these countries simply ban the sale of e-cigarettes and e-juice containing nicotine - this means that you could ostensibly bring your vape and juice, but you would not be able to purchase more juice in the country. While almost all countries allow you to vape in some capacity, it’s always important to keep local customs in mind as well - in Malaysia, for example, a religious decree against vaping was made. As a consequence, it is banned in some regions, and looked down upon in most places.

Many countries and regions, even where vaping is legal, ban vaping indoors or in public places.

All this to say - be careful out there! Be mindful of laws and culture, and if you’re not sure, ask a local.

Follow the Rules of the Airport

Governments are very strict about battery-powered electronics and checked luggage. If you plan on bringing your vape with you for air travel, you have to include it as a part of your carry-on baggage or on your person.

You should also be mindful of rules surrounding the transportation of liquids. The rules are simple: liquids must be in containers of 100 ml or less, and they must be in a 1 litre resealable bag. For most vape use, this shouldn’t be a problem - just keep it in mind. It can also be helpful to make sure your juice is kept in its original container. This is applicable for carry-on; if, for some reason, you have litres of vape juice you want to take with you, those can go in your checked baggage.


Disassemble Your Vape

It’s a good idea to disassemble your vape before you fly - you’ll want to do this in a way that makes all of the components as secure as possible.

First, remove the battery and place them into a battery case. For devices without removable batteries, simply ensure that the device is turned off for the whole flight - as you can imagine, vaping is not allowed on an airplane.

Next, make sure that all tanks and pods are removed from your device - when applicable, make sure there’s no liquid in them, either. Any pods containing liquid should be placed in waterproof plastic bags. The change in pressure can cause them to leak.

In fact, if you want to be on the safe side, pack every single piece of your vape and your e-liquids into waterproof plastic bags. You can seal your e-liquid bottles shut to help prevent leakage. You can wrap your vape in bubble wrap and put it into a plastic bag just in case all of your other stopgaps fail. 

Make Sure You Pack Extras

As we mentioned in the section about local laws - you might not be able to purchase vape supplies very easily when you’re abroad. As such, you should remember not just to bring extra juice, but extra coils, wicks, and even extra batteries. And, of course, be sure you remember to pack the vape and its charger.

You should also remember that some regions have outlets that are incompatible with Canadian plugs - consider bringing an adapter for your charger (and your other electronics). 

Follow these travel tips, and you should be able to keep yourself (and your vape) safe throughout your travels. When you get home (or when you’re stocking up before you leave), your Winnipeg vape shop will be here.
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