What’s The Difference Between PG & VG?

You have most likely come across PG and VG in the world of vaping and e-liquid. Both PG and VG and the amount within your e-liquid play a factoring role in how you experience vaping. It can have everything to do with flavour and nicotine hit, but you may be wondering what exactly the differences are. We’ll break down what there is to know about PG and VG, and how it all works in the realm of vaping:


The Differences

PG, also known as propylene glycol, is a thin, colourless, often flavourless and odourless liquid used as a base for vaping liquid. VG, also known as vegetable glycerin, is slightly thicker in consistency, with a sweeter flavour to it. These two are the two main ingredients in e-liquid, and when they’re combined, they create a vapour that carries the flavour and determines how strong your throat hit will be. 

What They Do

The PG carries flavour. Due to the liquid being thinner, any added flavours can be mixed with it, creating a more potent and intricate variety of flavour possibilities. The PG is what also provides, what vapers call, the throat hit. PG can give off a more “cigarette-like” throat hit, which makes it feel a lot more like smoking cigarettes. 

VG, on the other hand, helps in creating a mild inhale and big clouds. Since it’s much thicker than PG, it takes a bit more power to vapourize. If you’re looking for more cloud consistency, going with a higher percentage can make for thicker and denser vapour. It doesn’t have the same throat hit as PG, making it a lot smoother to inhale.


It can be difficult to determine what the right ratio is for you when it comes to vaping. There are many ways to go about it, as it all comes down to preference. However, the standard VG to PG ratio is fast becoming 50:50. This percentage and blend are usually used by people with higher smoking habits, and it provides many features:

  • Gives a stronger throat hit 
  • Suited for higher nicotine levels
  • Very flavourful, due to the balanced ratio of PG and VG
  • Less vapour 
  • Thinner consistency, making it easier to use in lower-powered vape kits


E-liquids are always packaged and sold in child-proof bottles to ensure that children don’t get into them. One main thing to keep in mind with vaping is nicotine. If you vape quite often, you may experience lightheadedness, which is commonly referred to as a “nic rush.” The feeling should pass, but you should take a break from the vape if you’re feeling nauseated. 

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