Why Is My STLTH Not Hitting?

STLTH makes excellent products, from pods to pre-filled pod system vapes and disposables. Its products are some of our best-sellers—and we want you to get the most out of them.

While problems with these devices aren’t common, many users have experienced weak hits, dry hits, or no hits at some point or another; STLTH’s line of vapes isn’t immune to these problems. The troubleshooting tips we offer will help you get optimal performance out of your device. 

About STLTH Vapes

STLTH is one of the most popular vape companies in Canada. It offers both disposable vapes and pre-filled pod systems—some of the best in the market. The variety of products they offer is pretty exceptional—there’s not a bad one in the bunch.

Every vape needs a bit of troubleshooting now and then, and STLTH vapes, though well-built, are no exception. Occasionally, you might find that you’re unable to take a hit off of your STLTH vape—this troubleshooting guide will help you fix that.  

The troubleshooting steps may differ depending on which STLTH device you’re using. These troubleshooting tips may help you with either type of STLTH device (disposable or pre-filled pod mod) but be advised that it’s often better to simply replace your disposable instead of trying to fix it.

With all of that in mind, here’s what to do when you find your STLTH not working: 

Potential Reasons Behind Your STLTH Not Hitting

Issues With the Battery

Battery issues are the most common reason for STLTH devices not hitting. We recommend you start by checking the battery level of your device—in the best-case scenario, you’ll just need to recharge it. In some circumstances, your battery will not charge—if that’s the case, we’ll give you tips on how to fix it in the troubleshooting section below. 

E-liquid Problems

The popularity of STLTH devices has led to many third-party manufacturers developing their own pods for STLTH’s pod vape. These manufacturers vary in quality, and some pods for STLTH devices may be filled with lower-quality e-liquid. 

Improper Airflow

As e-liquids and vapour flow through your STLTH device, you may find it becomes clogged. Many STLTH devices also come with adjustable airflow; adjusting your airflow settings may also improve your hits. 

Defective Pods or Coils

Given the sheer number of STLTH pods on the market, ending up with a defective pod isn’t unusual—though it is annoying. Buy from trusted suppliers like Cold Turkey in order to reduce the risk of defective STLTH pods. 

The coil of your device may also be defective or damaged. In either case, the best move is usually to replace the device. 

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How To Troubleshoot Your STLTH Device

Now that you know what can cause your STLTH device to malfunction, we can troubleshoot the most common issues you may experience:

Check the Battery Connection

When your STLTH device won’t charge, it’s likely there’s a problem with your battery—in most cases, it’s that the battery isn’t properly connected to your device.

Other guides will advise you to remove your STLTH device’s battery—we do not recommend this. You’re better off to simply buy a new device, especially if you’re still within the warranty period of your vape. Battery safety is important for any electronic device—don’t take any unnecessary risks! 

Ensure Your E-liquid Level Is Adequate

Pods run out of e-liquid eventually; when that happens, your best bet is to get a new pod. Simple enough! We also recommend buying your STLTH pods from trusted suppliers—you’ll get higher-quality e-liquid and a pod that lasts longer. 

Adjust the Airflow

Many STLTH devices have adjustable airflow. You can find out if that’s the case for your STLTH device by visiting the STLTH help page, finding your device, and looking through the FAQs or user manuals. 

Where possible, we recommend adjusting the airflow on your STLTH device if you’ve tried other problem-solving tips and still find you can’t take a hit. We also recommend cleaning your STLTH device, especially if it doesn’t have adjustable airflow. 

Replace the Pod or Device

When all else fails, consider replacing your STLTH pod or STLTH device. We don’t recommend trying to adjust coils or batteries—that can be dangerous. Fortunately, replacing a STLTH electronic device is relatively affordable. Defective STLTH pods are also fairly easy to replace.

We recommend checking the warranty on your STLTH pods or STLTH device—if it’s still within the warranty period, you may be able to get a free replacement. 

How Long STLTH Devices Last

STLTH products are high-quality and low cost—that’s one of the reasons we recommend replacement over repairs. The lifespan of a STLTH device varies depending on which one you purchase, but its non-disposable products can offer a satisfying vaping experience for years.

You might be wondering about the battery life of your STLTH device. Here’s the battery life for some of the most popular STLTH products when they’re fully charged:

STLTH PRO Pod: About 1000 hits per charge

STLTH Original: About 200 hits per charge

STLTH Original USB-C: About 300 hits per charge

STLTH 1K: About 1000 hits per charge (the total amount of liquid in the disposable)

STLTH 3K: About 3000 hits per charge (the total amount of liquid in the disposable)

STLTH 5K: About 2000-2500 hits per charge

STLTH 8K: About 3000 hits per charge

As you can see, while the battery life for your STLTH device is variable, most of the devices are pretty long-lasting. 

Always ensure that your STLTH device is fully charged before attempting to troubleshoot why it’s not hitting. We recommend getting your STLTH device fully charged and using a fresh STLTH pod to see if it’s still functional—most of the time, that does the trick. 

Looking for STLTH Vapes in Winnipeg?

Here’s the skinny: When your STLTH device isn’t hitting properly, it’s likely due to issues with the battery, problems with your pod or device, or improper airflow. To troubleshoot, fully charge the battery, try a new pod, clean your device, and adjust the airflow. When all else fails, you can replace your STLTH device.

Need to replace your STLTH device? Visit our vape shop in Winnipeg! We have a variety of STLTH products, including pods, disposable, and pod system vapes. Don’t settle for dry hits, weak hits, or no hits at all. You deserve a satisfying vaping experience every time you choose STLTH—and our vape shop can help. Visit us online or in person today! 

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