Winnipeg Vape Shop Warns Of Upcoming Excise Tax On Vaping E-Liquids

logoWINNIPEG, MB: Cold Turkey, a Winnipeg vape shop with 5 locations across the city, is alerting its customers of the new excise tax imposed by the Federal Government. Consumers will notice the effects of the tax at the start of 2023. 

Tobacco and cannabis products in Canada are sold with an excise tax stamp. Now, vaping e-liquids will have the same stamp. This means that customers will need to pay additional taxes on vaping liquids containing nicotine.

The excise tax applies to all vaping e-liquids that are manufactured in or imported to Canada for intended use with a vaping device. The tax applies to all e-liquids but doesn’t apply to any vaping hardware that’s sold without e-liquid, such as replacement coils or chargers.

The excise tax for vape juice took effect on October 1, 2022. All e-liquids manufactured after this date will have the new stamp. 

Tax rates are determined based on a millilitre basis. The new duty rates are as follows:

  • $7 per 30mL
  • $10 per 60mL 
  • $16 per 120mL
  • Provinces have the option to include taxes of their own in addition to the federal tax. Rates will vary based on each province and territory.

    All new products are subject to this tax. However, existing stock can be sold at the price set before the tax was decided upon. E-liquids manufactured before October 1, 2022, can be sold at the original price until January 1, 2023.

    Increasing taxes on vaping products is associated with higher cigarette use. It leads many consumers to wonder if vaping is still a cheaper alternative to smoking. However, based on the current data, vaping is still more affordable than smoking cigarettes for most consumers, even after the new tax is factored in. The cost of a carton of cigarettes outweighs that of a bottle of e-juice. 

    Cold Turkey provides a wide selection of premium e-liquids and hardware for vaping. All 5 of the company’s locations offer same-day delivery across Winnipeg. Cold Turkey’s product selection includes disposable vapes, traditional vapes, batteries, and e-liquids. For more information about the company and the products it provides, visit its website at
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