Garden City Vape Shop

Kildonan Park, the Garden City Shopping Centre, all of the gorgeous mid-century modern houses - Garden City is a great place to be. You might live in the area, you might work nearby, you might just be passing through to take in a show at Rainbow Stage. No matter the reason you’re here, a vape aficionado’s trip to Garden City just wouldn’t be complete without a stop at our Garden City vape shop

If you're asking yourself "Where's a vape shop near me" while around Garden City, we’re located near McPhillips and Inkster, just a few short blocks away from the Garden City Shopping Centre. We’ve got something for everyone. For people who are new to vaping, we’ve got starter kits and a ton of advice; that’s great stuff for someone looking to stop smoking. For flavour fiends, we’ve got all kinds of incredible juices, from our renowned house brand (we’re always sourcing something new) to a host of international brands. Looking to update your vape? We’ve got mods, tanks, coils, and more. We’ve also recently acquired some incredible products from STLTH for those who are looking for a simple, discreet vape.

Life can get hectic in Garden City - and anywhere else in Winnipeg, for that matter. We’re open late, so no matter when you’re off work, we’ll probably be open. Some days, though, you’ll find yourself too busy or too tired to come visit us; that’s why we offer city-wide delivery through our in house delivery service. Need juice fast? We can get it to you in two hours or less with rush delivery. Live outside of Winnipeg? We’ll ship through Canada Post. Visit our online store, pick out what you need, and we’ll get it to you. 


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