Geekvape M100: What You Need To Know

 GEEKVAPE M100Geekvape has long been one of our favourite manufacturers of traditional tank and mod vapes. It’s constantly innovating in the space, which is why we want to highlight one of its most recent developments: the Geekvape M100

The M100 is also known as Aegis Mini 2—it’s called the M100 for reasons we’ll discuss as we go on. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features this new vape offers:

Smaller and More Portable

The “M” in the name stands for “Mini”. As many of our readers know, one of the challenges of tank and mod vapes is a lack of portability—it’s one of the reasons so many people have moved to closed-pod and disposable systems. 

The M100 is 85mm x 36.3mm x 28.5mm—not as small as most non-tank and mod vapes, but small enough to fit easily in your pocket. 

With tank and mod vapes, there’s always the fear of leaks—that’s one of the reasons that most manufacturers haven’t even bothered to make mini versions (no one wants vape juice leaking into their pockets). Geekvape has mitigated this risk by designing the M100 and its Cerberus tanks to be as leakproof as possible. Additionally, it’s incorporated a Press Lock Protection system to prevent you from accidentally firing your vape.

Built Like A Brick House

Geekvape has a great reputation for building some of the most durable vapes on the market, and the M100 is no exception. This thing can take an absolute beating. It’s both shock-absorbant and water-resistant, with an IP68 rating.

There are a number of little touches that help improve its durability. The charging port, for example, comes with a flip cover to ensure that no dust or water makes its way into the electronics.

Excellent Specs and Compatibility

The “100” in M100 comes from its maximum wattage—100. The wattage is variable, ranging from 5W to 100W, so you can vape how you want.

This is made possible by two features—the built-in 18650 mAh battery, and Geekvape’s stabilizing tech. Most vapes see a decline in their power as their battery runs out. With the M100, you’ll get consistent draws even as the battery life nears zero.

The M100 uses USB-C for charging, and is compatible for fast charging. That means you’ll be able to fully charge your M100 in a little under an hour and a half in ideal conditions—pretty impressive stuff!

Finally, we talked about how much we like the Cerberus tank, but if that’s not your style, it’s no problem at all. With a 510 connection thread, the M100 is compatible with most tanks and RDAs. 

We’ve Got A Ton Of Geekvape Products In Stock!

We just sang the M100’s praises, so it’s no surprise that you can buy the M100 from our shop. That’s an option we recommend for people who have experience building their own box mod setups, as the M100 doesn’t come with a tank or other accessories. You can stop by our shop if you want tips on which accessories to purchase with your M100—we can even help you assemble your first mod and tank vape!

For those who are looking for a slightly easier option, we also offer a Geekvape Aegis Boost SE Kit that’s perfect for beginners. It’s part of the same Aegis series that the M100 is from, so you can expect a durable, user-friendly vape.

If you’re looking to get into tank and mod style vapes, we can’t recommend Geekvape’s products highly enough. Stop by one of our stores or order online—you’ll be happy with what we have to offer!

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