Level X Boost Pods Review 2024

Flavour Beast has been one of our favourite vape manufacturers for a while—what’s not to like? It’s Canadian, it makes creative, tasty flavours, and it’s got solid devices. We were thrilled when Flavour Beast launched the Level X Boost, a new twist on its Level X device—and it did not disappoint.

The Level X Boost is a closed pod system; you purchase the Level X Boost device (which is the battery for the system), and then a Level X Boost pod. What you get is incredible flavour, a long-lasting battery, and the option to trigger Boost Mode for extra flavour.

We love the Level X Boost series; here’s everything you need to know about it:

Design and Build

The Level X Boost Device is built with high-quality parts. On the outside, you have a soft, anti-slip grip exterior and a comfortable mouthpiece. On the inside, there are two coils: A dual mesh coil at 0.5-ohm, and a single mesh coil at 1-ohm. We’ll talk more about why there are two coils in the next section.

The Level X battery is relatively small and discreet; it’s 45 x 24 x 35.75 mm in size, so it can fit in your pocket. There’s a rechargeable 850 mAh battery; it’s got a Type-C USB charging port, which means it’s quick charge compatible and works with the most common charging cables. 


Performance is where the Level X Boost device really shines. There are two different settings on the device: Standard mode and Boost Mode. When you activate Boost Mode, the device switches to the 0.5-ohm dual coil system. Normally, the device fires at 12 watts; when you switch to Boost Mode, you get 23 watts of power.

Flavour Beast advertises Boost Mode as offering 2x the flavour—in our experience, that’s pretty accurate. When you’re looking for a little more punch from your vape, we highly recommend trying Boost Mode.

To activate Boost Mode, you need both the Level X Boost Device and a Level X Boost Pod. We recommend buying Boost Pods for your device; they offer a massive pod capacity of 20 ml. The Level X Boost is compatible with all Level X pods, though, so you can get any of Flavour Beast’s incredible variety of flavours—you just can’t boost them all. 


Flavour Beast named themselves well; we love the flavour profile on pretty much every one of the Boost Pods. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Bangin’ Blood Orange Iced
  • Epic Sour Berries
  • Mad Mango Peach
  • Slammin STS
  • Chillin’ Coffee Iced
  • Epic Apple Strawnana

Level X Vs. Level X Boost Pods

Both Level X Pods and Level X Boost Pods are compatible with the Level X Boost battery. The only difference between them is that you can activate Boost Mode when you’re using the Level X Boost Pods.

There are flavours we love in both the Level X and the Level X Boost lines, and we recommend trying flavours from each line! 


You can order the Flavour Beast Level X Boost device for $11.99 from our online store. All of our Level X Boost flavours are available for $23.99 in our online store. 

Order Your Level X Boost Pods Today!

We have an amazing assortment of Level X and Level X Boost Pods in stock. You can shop online or visit us in-store; either way, we’ll have something for you!

Here at Cold Turkey Vape Shop, we’re always looking for the best new vaping products, and Flavour Beast really knocked it out of the park with the Level X Boost. Try it today; we think you’ll like it as much as we do. 

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