VICE Disposable Vape Review 2024

Our VICE vape review for 2024 is finally here. The quick summary?

We love VICE disposable vapes. We love the look and feel, we adore the simple design, and we appreciate how rare it is to have to fix problems or troubleshoot them. They’re simple and long-lasting and come in so many different flavours! In short, VICE makes some of the best disposable vapes we’ve ever tried. 

Here’s why we love them:  

Design and Build

VICE Disposable vapes have a simple, durable, sleek, and elegant design. They’re made out of hard plastic and feature mesh coils and high-quality, long-lasting batteries. 

VICE vapes are incredibly easy to use—simply draw on the vape to activate it. 

We love the design of VICE disposables; they’re super simple to use and charge, and you can simply dispose and recycle them when you’re done. We also love the way they look. They’re colourful, have interesting shapes (especially the 2500s), and fit nicely in your pocket. 


The performance of VICE disposable vapes varies depending on the product you choose. The VICE 2500 and VICE BOX are two of our most popular models, and they both perform incredibly well.

The VICE 2500 offers about 2500 puffs (it’s right there in the name) which will last for 1-2 weeks for moderate vapers. These disposables have an e-liquid capacity of 6.5 ml.

The VICE BOX, on the other hand, offers about 6000 puffs—good enough for 3-4 weeks or about a month of vaping. These vape devices have an e-liquid capacity of 13 ml. 

The batteries on VICE vapes are fantastic, and they rarely need to be recharged. The VICE BOX comes with a 630 mAh rechargeable battery—and a USB-C charging cable.  The battery on the VICE 2500 is a massive 1000 mAh; it’s not rechargeable, but it should last as long (or longer) than its 2500 puff count. 


VICE has a ton of delicious flavours to choose from—most are infused with ice, though they offer some ice-free flavours. Our customers all have different favourites, and no matter what you enjoy, VICE will have a satisfying flavour to suit your tastes. 

VICE 2500 Flavours

The VICE 2500 series has incredible flavours to tantalize your taste buds. Here are a few of our favourites:

Apple Peach Ice: Juicy apples, ripe peaches, and ice. Refreshing! 

Banana Ice: Bananas with a refreshing hint of ice. What’s not to like?

Berry Burst Ice: Refreshing and delicious—it’s a combination of blue raspberry, cherry, and citrus flavours with ice, of course! 

Blue Razz Melon Ice: Blue raspberry and watermelon together with the cool sensation of ice. Very tasty. 

Grape Ice: Simple, chilly, and delicious. Like frozen grapes, but in vape form! 

Strawberry Watermelon: The sweet taste of strawberries paired with juicy watermelon makes for a refreshing blend. 

Strawberry Orange Mango: Sweet, citrusy, and juicy, this is a great choice if you’re looking for fruity flavours. 

VICE BOX Flavours

Blue Cherry Ice: You might not find blue cherries in the wild, but you’ll find them in our store—a tasty combination of cherry sweetness with cool menthol.

Juicy Grapefruit: Grapefruit is vibrant, zesty, and refreshing; those are the flavours VICE delivers with its Juicy Grapefruit.

Lush Ice: This delicious icy watermelon flavour is a perfect choice on a hot summer’s day.

Mango Coconut Ice: Mango, coconut, and ice—this may be the closest you can get to a tropical paradise in Canada. 

Peach T: We love this peach iced tea flavour from VICE—perfect for the summer.

Pink Lemon Ice: Pink lemonade paired with the cooling sensation of menthol.

Tropical Blast Ice: Tropical fruit punch with notes of orange, peach, and apple—along with a refreshing blast of ice. 


VICE disposables are very reasonably priced. Most of their products cost between $15-$25—in most cases, they’ll last for weeks. 

Where To Order Your Vice Disposable Vape

You can order your VICE disposable vapes directly from our website or visit us in-store to see what we have. We’re always stocking up on new VICE vapes and flavours, so check back often! 

If you like disposable vapes and you’ve never tried VICE, we highly recommend it—it’s one of the best disposable vape manufacturers on the market.

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