People vape for all kinds of reasons - a lot of them vape because they wanted to stop smoking cigarettes. 

Here’s the problem - vaping can be a bit intimidating. People who are new to it find there are all kinds of technical terms and different vapes on the market. Temperature control vs. wattage control, assembling coils - these things can all seem really confusing. For many of us, these are enjoyable parts of an ever-changing hobby, but for someone who just wants to quit smoking, it can all seem like an insurmountable barrier.

Enter pod systems. JUUL is probably the flagship of these (they got their start by making the marijuana vaporizing system PAX), but there are a lot of other wonderful competitors on the market, too. 

Want a pod vape that’s designed to be user-friendly and stealthy? One that was engineered by Canadians (along with their American counterparts)? Check out STLTH Vapes.


STLTH keeps their product list slim and trim, much like their vape. They basically sell three different products: the device, the pods, and the starter kit. 

The Device

The STLTH vape is super simple to use, which is what makes it so appealing for smokers who just want to pick up a vape and quit smoking. To use the STLTH vape, all you have to do is charge it, attach a pod to the device, then begin to draw - the vape will automatically start working.

Of course, as with any new vape, you’re going to have to adjust your draw a little bit - this can be particularly strange for people who are moving directly from cigarettes to the STLTH system. Don’t worry - you’ll get the hang of it before too long.

STLTH’s vape comes in four different colours: Navy blue, grey, black, and rose gold. The device is quite small, and it takes pods with 2 mls of liquid in them. Buying the device standalone, you’ll get the vape itself, a charging cable, and instructions.

The Pods

While STLTH’s pods have 2 mls of liquid, the amount of nicotine each contains can vary pretty wildly. They have pods with 20 mg, 35 mg, and 50 mg of nicotine.

STLTH also offers a wide variety of different flavours. True to their name, they offer something of a rarity in the vape market - a flavourless pod that has less odour than flavored varieties. True to their mission to help smokers get off of cigarettes, they also have a nicotine flavour.

They have several other flavours, most of them on the fruity and/or minty side: things like Crisp Apple, Honeydew Menthol, and Tundra Berry. Their pods come in packs of three, and they’re quite affordable - we hope they come out with a variety pack soon.

The Starter Pack

You can probably guess what comes in the starter pack of a vape/pod system - there’s the vape, the charging cable, and a pod - specifically, a Berry Blast pod. Simple enough - and that’s great if you just want to start vaping.

Other Compatible Pods

STLTH only makes so many different flavours, and that might leave vape aficionados who want a little more variety less than satisfied. Fortunately, they have a number of what they call “official co-brands” - pod producers who make products that are compatible with the STLTH system.

These brands include companies like Hope, Rope Cut, Fruitbae, and Naked - when you count STLTH’s co-brands, there are a lot of different flavours available.

You might be wondering how you can figure out which pods are compatible with the STLTH system if they’ve all got different brand names - don’t worry, we’ve got you. When you search for STLTH on our website, the products that come up include all of the STLTH-compatible vapes. Don’t want to bother searching? Check out all of our STLTH products

We have STLTH pods, as well as the standalone device and Starter Pack. At our Winnipeg vape shop, we’re always looking for the best vapes and vape accessories. We’re a big fan of STLTH - Canadian, simple-to-use, and designed to help people quit cigarettes - and we’ve got lots of other brands available too! Check out our webstore - we do same-day delivery throughout Winnipeg!
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