The Top 5 Most Flavourful E-Liquids


Flavour isn’t spice. In the world of spice, you can actually measure Scovilles to determine how hot a particular pepper is. Flavour isn’t as easy to calculatethere are no Scovilles for taste. Different people have different perceptions of flavour, too.

What does all that mean for this article? To be blunt, it means we can’t tell you what the most flavourful e-liquids arethere’s no metric we can use, no science. What we can do, however, is tell you which e-liquids weand our customersfind the tastiest. We’ll do one liquid for each of 5 different categories: Minty, fruity, tobacco, and miscellaneous. Let’s dive into the juice!

Best Mint/Menthol Juice: XTRA - Salts Minthol

This delicious mentholated mint salt nicotine from XTRA Salts is not recommended for winter useit’ll give you chills in the middle of August! For those of you who are looking to get walloped by a frozen gust of minty flavour, we can’t recommend XTRA Salts - Minthol enough. It’s one of our best-sellers, and it comes in both 10 mg and 20 mg. Rememberthis is a salt nicotine, so you don’t want to use it with a sub-ohm vape. We highly recommend this flavour!

Best Fruit Juice: Sovereign - Mango Wango

There were a lot of different juices we considered for best fruit juice. You can’t go wrong with Fruitbae’s linethe Strawberry Kiwi, for example, is surprisingly juicy, and their Banana flavour packs a lot more punch than an actual banana.

The winner, however, has to be Mango Wango. This stuff is more flavourful than a glass of Tropicana. It’s refreshing, it’s mouth-watering, and it keeps us coming back for more. You’ll notice that there’s a coolbut not mintyflavour at the very end. We love how it adds to the overall experience and the contrast it creates with the juicy mango flavour.

Mango Wango comes in both salt and regular juices, and in a variety of different concentrations. We think it’s the perfect choice for anyone who loves juicy tropical flavours.

Best Pud Juice: TDaawg - Dirty Daawg

Great pud juicea phrase that would be really unsettling if you didn’t know that we’re talking about vapingcan be hard to come by. You need to find the perfect balance of sweet and creamynot overbearing, but still delicious.

TDaawg managed to do exactly this with their Dirty Daawg liquid. It’s a blend of some truly delicious flavours :butterscotch, butter rum, English toffee, and vanilla. The whole thing is beautifully balanced for a rich and complex flavour. When you’ve got a craving for something sweet, we heartily recommend this indulgent product from TDaawg.

The Dirty Daawg comes in both traditional and salt nic, so no matter what style vape you use, you can have a dog in this race. Want even more flavour? You can try TDaawg’s Dirtier Daawg, which has added banana flavour. 

Best Tobacco Juice: Salt NIX - Northern Classic

There are a lot of tobacco juices that we love: Rope Cut Salt’s Dark Thirty and Eco E-Liquids Virginia both come to mind. While these juices are deliciousand packed full of flavourwe wanted to pick one that offered pure, unadulterated tobacco flavour.

That’s why we’ve chosen yet another Salt NIX favourite for our listthe Northern Classic. This flavour was made with Canadian Blonde Tobacco, and its concentration and taste are perfect for emulating smoking a cigarette. This flavour is great if you’re looking to quit smoking. As with all salt nic products, it can’t be used in a sub-ohm vape. 

Best Miscellaneous Flavour: MOFO - Japanese Bull

This one is pretty wildit tastes like Red Bull (though MOFO would probably never say so in its branding). We went for this option among a number of miscellaneously flavoured juices because it stands outit really does taste like an energy refresment. We know that a lot of our clients are always on the lookout for wild new flavours, and this one fits the bill. It packs a punch, and it’s available in both salt and regular nic juices.

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