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Purple Power

Purple Power Original Soaking Solution-16oz

Purple Power Original Soaking Solution-16oz

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Description Purple Power Original Soaking Solution Just till your water pipe with purple power , soak for 45-60 min ; rinse clean If you're cleaning small pipes or pieces simply place them in a container with a lid or zip lock bag fill it with purple power ,  soak for 45 -60 min & amp; rinse clean Great for cleaning pyrex , glass, metal ; ceramic,plastic Re-usable until it becomes too sludgy


Salt Nicotine VS. Freebase E-Liquid

Freebase Nicotine, the purest form of nicotine, is known for its potency and rapid absorption. It delivers a strong throat hit and is preferred in lower-powered vaping devices. Ideal for users seeking a traditional vaping experience, freebase nicotine caters to those who prefer a gradual nicotine release.

Salt Nicotine, a smoother and more stable form found in tobacco leaves, enables higher nicotine concentrations without harshness. It's rapidly absorbed, offering a quick, intense hit, and is often used in low-wattage devices like pod systems. Salt nicotine is suitable for smokers transitioning to vaping, providing a sensation akin to smoking cigarettes.