Winnipeg Vape Company Bringing Instant Relief To City Vapers With Dynamic Delivery Service

WINNIPEG, Canada - Cold Turkey, an innovative and forward-thinking supplier of vape products, is delighted to announce that their delivery service is experiencing a considerable increase in demand as vapers look to replenish their stocks. The delivery service proved especially valuable during the lockdown, with customers benefiting from delivery straight to their home addresses. 

Not wishing to exclude customers outside of the areas mentioned, products can be shipped across the country using Canada Post, and if the order value is more than $50., then delivery is free of charge. 

"This has been a phenomenal period of growth for our company, driven by our products' quality and our new delivery partnership," said Daniel Lofchick. "Everyone has experienced the hassle and frustration of running out of their favourite vape, and inevitably this always happens at the most inconvenient time. We set out to find the solution for this problem, and now, thanks to our partnership with Pineapple Express, we have solved it. We will continue to innovate and deliver exceptional service to our customers, which will, in turn, enable our company to maintain its rapid growth." 

Cold Turkey is proud to be serving the vape community with nothing but the best premium e-liquid of the highest quality, brewed exclusively in Canada. All of their e-juice and e-liquid is made with 100% pharmaceutical, pure grade ingredients. Each bottle produced by Cold Turkey is carefully examined and put through its paces to ensure the very best standard and quality. For more information about the company, and their wide range of products, visit their website at

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