The Future Of The Vape Industry: Predictions For New Trends & Products

The future for the vape industry looks incredibly bright. In 2022, the industry was valued at 22.45 billion USD. With an expected growth rate of 30.6% CAGR, by 2030, the vape market should be worth around 145 billion USD (thanks to Grandview Research for the market analysis).

There are, however, a number of possible legal and cultural hurdles facing the industry. We’ve been in the vaping business for years, and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s to expect the unexpected. In this article, we’re going to dive into some of our predictions.

This is just for fun—the industry changes so rapidly it’s almost impossible to predict changes accurately. If we get a few wrong, don’t hold it against us—if we guess right, though, then remember that you heard it here first!

Water-Based Vapes

We’re so used to talking about PG/VG—what about good old H20? That’s what Aquios Labs wants you to think about; it’s creating water-based liquids with hardware to match.

You can’t just add water to your e-liquids; they’d dilute, and the juice would leak out of your vape. That’s why Aquios is making vapes specifically designed to handle water-based e-liquids. 

We hope it’s successful—using less PG/VG and more water could lead to reduced costs for consumers, as long as the hardware costs about the same as a traditional vape. Aquios is also espousing more “hydrating” hits—we’ll believe it when we try it, but it’s something we’re excited to try!

Ultrasonic Vapes

Vaping without heat? That’s like smoking a cigarette without fire—a contradiction in terms! Right?

That’s what we thought—until we heard of ultrasonic vaping. There are no coils, no heating elements—just vibrations that vapourize the e-liquid and result in a satisfying (though much cooler) vaping experience. The leader in the ultrasonic space right now is probably SURGE

We love vaping as harm reduction, and the absence of coils can lead to fewer allergic reactions to various metals. Ultrasonic technology also eliminates the risk of dry or burnt hits. 

Fewer Flavours? We Hope Not!

The Government of Canada has considered introducing legislation to eliminate most vape flavours in its efforts to reduce the rates of teen vaping. Quebec recently introduced legislation to ban flavoured vape juice; Nova Scotia introduced a ban back in 2019.

You’ll have plenty of advanced notice if the Government of Canada (or if you’re in our home province, the Government of Manitoba) decides to ban flavoured vape juice. It’s likely you’ll still be allowed to own flavoured juice—we just won’t be able to sell it to you. If you love flavoured juice and you hear that a ban is coming through, we recommend stocking up before it becomes illegal to sell your favourite flavours!

More Online Sales

As vape stores continue to build their online infrastructure and consumers learn which vape shops are legitimate (and offer the best prices), we expect to see a substantial increase in online sales.

Cold Turkey Vape Shop has locations throughout Winnipeg—but we’ve got customers all over Canada thanks to our easy-to-use online delivery system. No matter which way you want to visit us, we’ll continue to offer innovative products as the vape industry moves forward into the future.

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